Friday, July 4, 2014


I believe that it was CPAC member Ron Campbell who recently wrote the above title in one of his e-mails. Of late the skeletons have been fast and furious. I am more often than usual finding myself torn between writing to the public and advising them of Chemtura/CRA/M.O.E. malfeasance versus sitting on it briefly and allowing the honest parties to figure out and strategize their plans. The honest parties would include CPAC and SWAT and the public. I have just looked up the word malfeasance and see a slight problem. I thought it referred to wrong doing in general but it seems to be more to do with wrongdoing by government officials. Hence for starts it can hardly apply to CRA/Chemtura.

Recent skeletons include suppressed DNAPL letters by hydrogeologists and denied surface water drainage from the east side buried pits towards the Martin swimming pond. Both Chemtura and the Ontario Ministry of the Environment (M.O.E.) sat on their hands and mouths while being questioned about this possibility. The M.O.E. deflected the question and claimed they had "investigated" the swimming pond. It was a typical five minute investigation.

More recent skeletons are emerging. Yours truly (and others) have been digging and found evidence indicating both surface liquid flow as well as groundwater flow from the eastern pits onto the farm off their eastern boundary. These liquid flows both from overflowing open pits, whether stormwater enhanced or simply overfilled with Chemtura liquid toxic wastes, as well as groundwater flows through the bottom of the acknowledged leaking pits have carried solvents, pesticides including DDT and Dioxins and Furans. It is possible that the solvents have been diluted and discharged southwards via both ground and surface water into the Canagagigue Creek. Meanwhile the more hydrophobic substances, once the solvent levels have decreased, have attached themselves to soil particles and are offsite both south and east of Chemtura's property. They continue to be flushed via heavy rain and spring flooding into the Canagagigue Creek. Even recent sediment and soil samples verify this. Finally these Dioxins/Furans and DDT are also throughout Chemtura's south-eastern quadrant. The M.O.E. know this full well but along with Chemtura are pretending otherwise. It's all about funding, budgets and politics and least about protecting either people or the environment.

There are other skeletons involving polluters and friends lobbying various political and allegedly environmental local bodies. Apparently Chemtura and Conestoga Rovers personnel occasionally attend these general meetings to give their side of the story. This would be the untruthful side or perhaps they would prefer the more optimistic side. Regardless it goes beyond the pale when staff from some of these organizations begin presenting falsehoods as gospel. It also goes beyond the pale when local politicians attend in support of Chemtura and their paid consultants. Finally when these local politicians knowingly gild the lily in favour of polluters and against the public interest, it becomes more than abhorrent. There is a municipal election coming folks and your skeletons are screaming to be released.

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