Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Ecojustice out of Toronto have just released today a report titled "Waterproof: Standards". It is lengthy and detailed and I will get into it seriously over the next few days. Here is what I've gleaned in a half hour perusal. Firstly Canada does not remotely lead the world in drinking water protection. Claims by various Canadian jurisdictions about world class standards, treatment and source water are essentially no more than puffery. Secondly even our individual provinces have widely varying standards, treatment and source water. Finally individual municipal jurisdictions within provinces suffer the same problem as above.

Ecojustice breaks down Canada's water standards into three groups namely The Good, The Bad and The Ugly after the old Clint Eastwood spagetti western. The Bad includes substances for which Canada has or is tied for the weakest standard around the world (27 substances). Also substances for which Canada has at least one other member with a standard or guideline stronger than Canada (13 substances). The Ugly refers to substances for which Canada has no guideline or standard but at least one other country does (189 substances). Future postings will go into specifics and more detail although I must add the following. Overall Ontario unlike the other provinces has two general grade readings. The first is a "D" and refers to Ontario's drinking water protection prior to the Walkerton disaster (2000) and the second grade is "B" and refers to Ontario's grading since the Walkerton disaster.

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