Monday, July 28, 2014


I think that this local industry is an example of what *Responsible Care is supposed to be. For many years I've been receiving reports that this company truly embraces the ethics of the *Responsibe Care program. Canada Colours (formerly Sulco) had issues twenty years ago plus in Elmira. I recall one major fire and several instances of noxious air emissions. Noxious as in seriously health related including a Hydrogen Sulphide release. That was a long time ago and I am unaware of any serious environmental problems for many years. The company have a Community Advisory Panel who meet several times a year.

Last week the company sent a memo to their Advisory Panel informing them that the company had received an odour complaint from the Ministry of Environment. Although the complaint came in several days after the incident nevertheless the company went back and checked their records carefully. They determined that a start up done after a July 2 power failure was not done properly and indeed could have been the cause of an odourous air emission. They therefore took responsibility and ownership of the problem.

They sent the results of their investigation to their Community Advisory Panel including a number of preventative actions designed to avoid any future repeat of the problem. This is an example of how industry are supposed to work with their citizens, residents and nearby neighbours. This is also an example of how the *Responsible Care program is supposed to work.

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