Friday, July 11, 2014


A couple of days back I posted about an article in the Waterloo Region Record concerning neonics. Today I'm posting about an Opinion column in the Elmira Independent by David Suzuki that isn't on-line yet. It's titled "It's time to save the bees and ban neonic pesticides". Mr. Suzuki emphasizes the quality and quantity of science behind the determination that neonics are indeed responsible for massive bee dieoffs. He then points out that science is outgunned by money and politics. In Europe a temporary ban was put in place "...despite fierce opposition from the agrochemical industry and several governments.". David Suzuki then asks "What will it take to get governments and industry to put people - and pollinators - before profits?". If I might answer that question it seems to me that our political system is corrupt from top to bottom. It's all about money and power and until more citizens demand democratic reforms it will remain that way. Whether democratic, socialist, communist or dictatorship it's all about the wealthy and powerful in a country maintaining and growing their wealth and power at the expense of the rest of us. They elect governments which will continue to insulate and protect them from policies that will help the majority of the people, if it's even slightly at their expense.

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