Thursday, July 3, 2014


In just over three years you have made major accomplishments. No longer do the claims of world class polluters and their government enablers and protectors go unchallenged. Puffery and credentialism while always formidable, no longer have a cakewalk in Elmira. One week ago we heard an Assistant Director M.O.E. (West Central Region) blather, babble and banter with CPAC & SWAT members about migrating contaminants from RPE4 & 5. Either he blatantly lied or he is blatantly uninformed. Most likely it is both, however he does know what his marching orders are from his superiors and that is exactly what he will follow. CPAC and SWAT are researching facts, telling the truth and being incredibly polite and respectful in the face of disrespectful, blatant factual fictions by Chemtura and the Ontario Ministry of the Environment.

Chemtura are preparing an exit strategy. The M.O.E. courtesy of George Karlos are trying to keep them at CPAC by eliminating me from the equation. While I may be an extremely well informed catalyst I am not a member of CPAC albeit I am a proud member of the Soil, Water, Air & Technical Team (SWAT). George has been lobbying privately to get me off of SWAT but he overplayed his hand badly and it's blown up in his face. For the M.O.E. it's all about community buy in. Or at the very least the appearance of respectful listening to the community's wishes. Chemtura folded their tent and stormed out of CPAC/UPAC way back in 1999 while under heavy fire for their air fumigations in Elmira. They were also advised by the then CCPA (Canadian Chemical Producers Assoc'n.) that they would not receive *Responsible Care verification without being a part of CPAC/UPAC. After private discussions/concessions they made their way back to CPAC a year and a half later. Currently CPAC & SWAT are holding their feet to the fire regarding suppressed DNAPL letters from both a M.O.E. hydrogeologist as well as a hydrogeologist paid for by Woolwich Township, both back in 2008. Also both Chemtura and the M.O.E. are struggling badly over their blatant neglect and lack of due diligence regarding toxic contaminants flowing from their RPE (Retention Pond East) pits on top of the hill on their eastern property border. The evidence is mounting that not only is their entire south-east quadrant a toxic repository of DDT and Dioxins but also off-site to the farm on the east.

Chemtura's exit strategy could be from Elmira altogether although that can't be accomplished overnite very easily or in the short term by running once again from CPAC. That is clearly in the cards. Amazingly they sat last Thursday at CPAC and said nothing about the extensive and detailed Minutes taken by the new CPAC Secretary. These Minutes quoted verbatim comments including yours truly that were highly critical of Chemtura. Then at one point Josef (Chemtura) started the ball rolling by closing his paperwork abruptly and apparently preparing to depart. Dwight Este and Jeff Merriman of Chemtura followed suit instantly as well. Clearly this was a prearranged response to Josef's signal that unfortunately fizzled as yours truly had made a critical comment of two CPAC members (Mark & Susanna); been appropriately interrupted by the Chair, and I instantly retracted and apologized leaving Josef and followers treading air. They are desperate and will undoubtedly continue looking for excuses to get them out of very hot CPAC public meetings.

To CPAC/SWAT and Woolwich Council I tell you what I told Pat McLean back in 1999. You are neither responsible nor guilty for Chemtura's chickenshit behaviour. In fact it is a badge of honour for you if they throw in the towel because they no longer can manipulate CPAC and have their own way. CPAC (& Council) have a duty to the public and it must never be subverted to the interests of one corporation. CPAC have been professional and polite despite massive provocations from the M.O.E. and Chemtura. Stay strong and proud because you are doing the right thing.

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