Saturday, July 19, 2014


Crews from Enbridge started an "integrity dig" along the Line 9 pipeline in North Dumfries a few days back. This dig was part of the proposed change in flow direction and contents of this decades old pipeline. Yesterday's Waterloo Region Record carried the story "Line 9 protesters put stop to work in North Dumfries". Some of the protesters were from the Six Nations and stated that the digging was occurring on disputed land. Their issues are also concerns that the old pipeline is going to be used for a heavier, higher pressure oil product and that a rupture or spill could be disasterous. While police were in attendance it seems that cooler heads prevailed and at least for the moment Enbridge have departed from the site. The protesters vowed to keep an eye on the site to ensure that digging does not resume.

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  1. No wonder Line 9 protesters are keeping a close eye on this issue. They know what happened when the pipeline ruptured into Michigan's Kalamazoo River. A billion dollar environmentally destructive mess! Line 9 is a 38 year old pipeline that isn't even designed to carry heavy tar sands crude that's loaded with toxic chemicals. Protect our drinking water - Stop the flow of bitumen through Line 9!!!