Tuesday, July 22, 2014


I learned yesterday that not only does the former Ontario Ministry of the Environment (MOE) have a new Minister but they also have a new name. It is the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change or MOECC. I believe that my preferred name, as written in the above title, is much more fitting and accurate.

Over the last couple of months I have posted here about a manmade drain running north to south and parallel with Chemtura's eastern property line which then swings in a loop easterly, turns south again and then swings westerly where it discharges into the Canagagigue Creek. The northern end of this drain which has a subsurface pipe discharging into it, is within twenty feet of Chemtura's property line and at an estimate perhaps 50 to 70 yards south of their former waste pit RPE5. There is a manmade swimming pond slightly east of the drain near its' southern end. This swimming pond is on the Martin's property and a citizen came to CPAC a couple of years ago with concerns that she felt an aerial photograph of Chemtura's south-east corner might be indicating the possibility of overland flow of liquid contaminants/water heading directly towards this pond used by Mennonite children. The M.O.E. "investigated" and publicly told CPAC that there was no possibilty of overland flow from Chemtura's property eastwards towards or into the Martin pond. They also took soil samples from the berm around the outside of the pond but upon my specific questioning admitted that they took no sediment or other samples from inside the swimming pond.

The MOECC misled, misinformed, obfuscated, bullshitted and bafflegabbed CPAC, SWAT and the concerned citizen. Firstly there is overland ie. surface water flow from within twenty feet of Chemtura's property line running north-south for approximately 150 metres/yards. From there as indicated it continues to flow primarily southwards and goes extremely close to the Martin pond. Secondly written text was presented at a public Working Session of CPAC last evening clearly indicating that Chemtura/CRA /M.O.E. were fully aware twenty years ago plus that the eastern pits overflowed and leaked their toxic contents easterly across their border as well as south and west. Furthermore contaminated groundwater also flowed eastwards across the Chemtura property line.

Last night there was one more revelation. Councillor Bauman decided to share with CPAC/SWAT, six weeks after the fact, that he had learned that this manmade drain is and has been actually used to directly fill the Martin pond as its' level drops during dryer weather. There is a concrete structure and pipe which permits the drains' contents to be diverted directly into the Martin pond. I thought it was not possible for me to have even less respect for the MOECC. I was wrong. This isn't just collusion, it is gross negligence and dereliction of duty. We use taxpayers money to have this Ministry protect citizens from environmental hazards, not to protect polluters from the consequences. This Ministry is far, far worse than simply being ineffectual and incompetent.

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