Monday, July 7, 2014


There were ten DNAPL Technical meetings between May 3, 2006 and October 28, 2008. I attended at least seven of those with number eight being suspect as it was after Pat and Susan were attempting to boot me off CPAC. In fact knowledge of the November 5, 2007 DNAPL Technical meeting, based on Pat Mclean's history of manipulation, was probably witheld from me at the time even though I wasn't formally kicked off CPAC by Woolwich Council until the spring of 2008. It was after this meeting number eight out of ten that Wilf Ruland and Jaimie Connelly wrote their May 2008 DNAPL letters that were so clearly opposed to Chemtura and CRA's positions.

I noticed that Jeff Merriman (Chemtura) didn't start bragging about "concensus" on the DNAPL Technical Committee until after Jaimie had departed the June 26/14 public CPAC meeting. Speaking of concensus it's just amazing how Chemtura can whine and complain about criticism of their efforts at the time but a couple of years later pretend there wasn't any conflict. Similarily, recently we at CPAC/SWAT have exposed an example involving an elected official publicly claiming that agreement and concensus was reached with CPAC regarding the "cleanup" of dioxins/DDT at GP1 & 2. Nothing was further from the truth but with CPAC not present (Chemtura was) this elected official blatantly lied.

At the last CPAC meeting in June I presented as a Delegation to CPAC, a comparison between Wilf's DNAPL letter versus the "Summary" allegedly of concensus between all members of the DNAPL Technical Committee. This "Summary" is Table 6.5 in the 2013 Annual Monitoring Report. At least five major areas that Wilf had requested were not completed. Finally I dug up an Elmira Independent newspaper clipping of February 6, 2009 titled "Report still upsets Marshall". The newspaper article was reporting on my Delegation to CPAC at the January 19, 2009 public meeting. I described in detail numerous DNAPL criticisms filed and signed by CPAC members including one by Pat McLean and more by Susan Bryant. I intentionally put them on the spot to point out how they had dramatically reversed their positions on DNAPL as per the PowerPoint presentation given by Chemtura at the November 24/2008 CPAC meeting. This remediation plan was all about monitoring and studies versus either removal or excavation of DNAPL "hot spots". Well the backtracking by McLean and Bryant was hilarious at the January CPAC meeting. My comment of "There is no data to justify their turnaround" got to them. Both then denied that there was concensus yet as Susan stated that the committee is "still in the early phases in DNAPL" remediation. CPAC Chair Pat McLean followed with "It's fair to say that nobody has signed off on the DNAPL work to date". Gosh Jeff maybe your "concensus" is all in your head. Or perhaps it's a case of private "concensus" without the courage or honesty to make it public "concensus".

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