Tuesday, February 6, 2024


A.   In 1965 several cattle drank "water" out of the Canagagigue Creek downstream from Uniroyal Chemical. The cattle owned by Leander Martin then headed back to their barn but none of them made it. They all died. I believe it was determined to be from  chlorophenol poisoning from Uniroyal.

B. Generations of children swam in the dug swimming pond south of the Uniroyal site on the Martin property. In 1983 a Drain (Stroh Drain) was constructed five or ten metres away from the boundary between Uniroyal and the Stroh farm to the east. It ran parallel with the boundary for perhaps 150 metres and further south was joined with a natural spring on the Stroh property used to replenish the Martin swimming pond. Experts and lay people alike believe that the Stroh Drain captured both contaminated ground and surface water from Uniroyal. It was then transported southwards including through the Martin swimming pond.

C. Fish in the downstream Canagagigue Creek to this day have excessive levels of contaminants above criteria in their bodies including mercury, PCBs, dioxins and multiple DDT compounds.  The last two most certainly are from Uniroyal Chemical's operations and sloppy waste disposal with the jury out on the source of the PCBs.

So domestic animals, wildlife and most probably human beings have all suffered from sloppy toxic waste disposal at Uniroyal Chemical. Little has been done to repair or clean up the mess. Let me rephrase that. The talking and bulsh*t continue to this day but actual cleanup is a different thing altogether.     

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