Friday, February 2, 2024


 Already the guilty parties are jockeying for position.. That is position at the front of the line as the most noble, most progressive, most supportive of the local environment. As a general rule of thumb the parties who spend the most money, time and effort are the guiltiest. Already in the RAC and TAG Minutes, mayors, ministries (MECP), polluters (Lanxess)  are mouthing grandiose words of fealty to the remediation of Elmira's long abused environment.

There will be new this and new that from Ministry of Environment Orders on Lanxess to new environmental committees from Woolwich Township. There will be even be new drinking water proposals from Lanxess Canada if you can believe it. They have for some time now been floating generally bad ideas that just coincidentally will save them money AND polish their image. 

Of course the guilty parties can only sell their puffery and bullsh*t to the uninformed. The guilty parties have admitted that the 2028 clean drinking water deadline in Elmira can not be accomplished. Oh what a surprise. From Uniroyal/Crompton/Chemtura to Lanxess they have bullied, obfuscated and flexed their financial might to intimidate opposition from provincial and municipal governments as well as to lay citizens and experts alike. They have avoided, ignored and stickhandled around citizen ideas and suggestions for enhancing the cleanup. The company (mainly) and the MECP have been in total control of the cleanup with the Township running interference for them from CPAC and the public. Hence the company and the MECP own  the groundwater cleanup failure and this should not be forgotten.    

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