Saturday, February 24, 2024


 I mean really it's time. Will they back Susan's slip about no cleanup of the groundwater and of the Creek? Or will they flat out "clarify" it by saying "Of course we will cleanup the groundwater and maybe the Creek if we are feeling good, given proper respect and encouragement and overall have our expensive butts placed on pedestals. Oh and we also require an award or two for our diligence in cleaning up this mess in due course. Maybe the next Big Lie will simply be more innovative excuses such as "The damn contaminants are hiding from us." or my favorite "We are doing the environment a favour by not disturbing the contaminants in the sediments and creekbank soils."

The good news for the liars is that they will have lots of support from their fellow travellors. Woolwich Township, the GRCA and the Region of Waterloo are highly unlikely to discover their backbones and put their feet down. After all they can and have hidden behind the Ontario Ministry of Environment (MECP) for decades and will wish to continue. It's one thing screwing the public who have relatively short memories but screwing each other, namely fellow government groups also most likely guilty of perfidious behaviour and obfuscation from time to time, is something altogether dangerous.

The last thing politicians and bureaucrats ever want is widespread disbelief and contempt towards the status quo, which maintaining is their raison d' etre. When citizens wake up and realize the extent of the misdirection and lying that goes on they will rebel. Let me say that currently the Waterloo Region District School Board (WRDSB) have so expertly shot themselves in the foot (Caroline Burjoski/Mike Ramsay) that it is unlikely they will even be asked to publicly join our local polluter apologists.     

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