Friday, February 23, 2024


I believe that a total of three people (including me) to date have confirmed that Susan Bryant stated that the Elmira Aquifers and the Canagagigue Creek will never be remediated or cleaned up. This is in reference to yesterday's post as well as to the Wednesday evening "Elmira Environmental Awareness Event".  But... it was suggested to me this morning that maybe Susan was actually trying to say that they'd never be cleaned up to the point of either being pristine or restored to their former glory. Well I don't know. Anything's possible I guess including that an old person like Susan made a verbal slip. I'd like to suggest that she's really old and over the hill except I think that she's the same age as myself! Oops!

I had forgotten how strong and powerful the Documentary (Sheba Films) was. Between Sebastian Seibel-Achenbach, Susan Rupert, Susan Bryant and myself we really put it to Uniroyal/Chemtura.  It is ironic that five Lanxess employees walked out of the evening early on in the Documentary showing, which was first. If they stayed they would have heard my harsh criticisms of what passes for "scientific" evidence and protocols by Lanxess and their consultants. Susan's comments would not have offended anybody. Interpret that as you wish.

Only one councillor attended the event namely Evan Burgess. I shook his hand both at the start and at the end and I give him credit for appearing.  I believe that he is trying very hard. There was also a former local Conservative candidate who  attended and I give her credit as well. My apologies for forgetting her name (Carline, Caroline ???). Thank goodness the local M.P.P. Mike Harris wasn't there. I'd have been hard pressed not to make a snotty comment. There I just made it!


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