Tuesday, February 13, 2024


 So even more important than who will be on the new TRAC (Technology & Remediation Committee) is who will be making the appointments. And that is the absolute disaster and shame of the whole process. Believe it or not folks Woolwich Township was not always in charge of who participated in the committee. For that you can thank that piece of crap Pat Mclean. She and her sidekick brought UPAC/CPAC  under the control of the Township and contrary to her lies it was done solely to give Woolwich 100% control of the committee. This occurred in 2000 and it's been downhill since with the exception of the 2011-Aug. 2015 CPAC committee under the chairmanship of Dr. Dan Holt. 

So if this "new" committee consists mostly of the same members as have been either on RAC or TAG then it's bullsh*t business as usual as Woolwich continue their lying and deception, constantly coddling Lanxess and making excuses for the clean up failures. In fact it is exactly this kind of crap that we are fighting with the Elmira Environmental Awareness Event next Wednesday (21st). We do not need Woolwich in charge of a citizens' committee. In fact it is NOT a citizens' committee if those lying buggers are in charge of it. What it will be even with the alleged improvements in public access, asking questions and making comments by the public is yet another sham and farce pretending to put the environment and local citizens first.

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