Saturday, February 17, 2024


 Last Thursday evening's TAG meeting sure made it obvious why the public aren't out in droves to watch and learn. There were exactly three of us in the gallery which actually is two more than usual. Discussions centered on contaminated eggs from free range chickens along the Creek. Councillor Schwindt suggested that so called free range chickens really are no such thing even on Old Order Mennonite farms. Sebastian was surprised and said so as he and his family having been buying eggs from the downstream Martin farm for decades. 

There was further discussion from Susan and Wilson regarding the three documents (Dec.7. Dec.20 & Dec. 20) produced by the MECP. I found it dull and not terribly provocative which it should have been. This is the crap of TAG in that only one or two members are assigned to read different reports hence all kinds of important stuff gets missed. I have posted here last month about some of the excellent (albeit years belated) criticisms the Ministry of Environment made. For example neither Susan nor Wilson talked about shovels versus real core samplers being used or about the disgrace of Method Detection Limits being so much higher than health criteria hence reducing both detections and exceedances of those health criteria.

Eventually the RAC & TAG Terms of Reference were reviewed by Nathan. What a pile of pus! Those two intentionally useless bodies are being merged. Gee instead of say seven  nincompoops on RAC and say about ten historically and hydrogeologicaly weak TAG members now we will have twelve of the very same combined on TRAC. Yes the math sucks just about like everything else. Now Sebastian asked and Nathan and company answered that the public will be allowed to speak and ask questions at TRAC. I'm sure that if TRAC pays about ten times as much attention as RAC did in the past (3-4 times/year) and ten times as much attention, comments and questions as TAG did to written comments in the past that TRAC, Lanxess and Woolwich Township will have absolutely zero difficulties in continuing to totally ignore the informed public, the uninformed public and the unwashed masses overall hence ensuring that no effective action whatsoever disturbs the complacency, tranquility and wallets of the guilty parties. 

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