Thursday, February 1, 2024


 Well for the very few (hopefully) who are sociopaths they simply don't need excuses. For sociopaths no one else in the world matters other than themselves, ever.

The rest try to make peace with their consciences by any means such as:

1)   doing volunteer work especially water, tree or pollution related

2)   telling themselves that :  they deserve a good salary because they are well educated


                                              they have a family to support


                                              they personally aren't breaking any laws


                                              their job is to defend polluters whereas government regulators are                                                              supposed  to defend the public interest


                                              individual government employees are a small cog in a big machine


                                              narcissists know that they are special and social rules don't apply to them


                                              they have and will donate to charities


                                              politicians support and use the services of their employers


                                              it's a cold cruel world out there. Eat or be eaten


                                              Money makes the world go around. Governments make the rules. After all                                                     these years if I'm not in jail then what I'm doing can't be so awful.


                                               I personally am not in charge. I avoid confrontation. I do what I am told.  

Elmira is a microcosm of many environmental disasters around the world. Corporations are heartless, non-human entities. The vast majority of human beings know right from wrong. What they are less sure of is whether or not they have a right to speak up and criticize those with more power, authority, money than themselves. 

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