Friday, September 11, 2015


For the second Friday in a row I'll be down at the new Superior Court building at Weber, Frederick and Duke St. in Kitchener. I will be presenting the same Application for Commencing a Proceeding for a Private Information Under the Criminal Code. Once again the J.P. is supposed to be available to the public at 10:30 am., for the first time since last Friday.

The only difference today will be that I am only submitting the Application itself, not all the supporting papers along with it. Last week I was told that the J.P. was "studying" my Application as well as the Municipal Elections Act. If she wishes to do so again that's entirely up to her but there is no reason for me to sit there for hours on end while she studies the law.

I have absolutely zero grounds to believe that the numerous contraventions of the MEA by Mayor Shantz can not be proven in a court of law. Afterall she has after weeks and months of denials finally admitted to most of them in writing with her multiple, changing Financial Statements. The more serious and difficult issue is the "knowingly" submitting false or misleading information to various persons authorized to obtain that information. As I have indicated in the last couple of days I also believe that that can be proven as well.

MECAC (Compliance Audit Committee) have proven their inherent dishonesty with two of their three decisions. Now let's see if Superior Court/ J.P. are the real deal or not. I am very patient and I expect a response from the J.P. as is my legal right. Afterall as I indicated in my Reply to a commenter on yesterday's posting; that is the J.P.s job.

The show is supposed to begin at 10:30 am.. It's on the Main Floor on the right hand side further back in the building inside the glass walls. If any of you want to spend some boring time, come on down.


  1. Alan, it's been my experience, that those who add nasty comments, are usually connected to the person you are trying to expose.. It stands to reason, that the good citizens of Elmira would not complain, as they know first hand what this questionable mayor and council are up too.. Why shut down a committee that is trying to expose a corrupt company who is destroying their water supply.. Stay the course and good luck..