Tuesday, September 29, 2015


The Municipal Elections Compliance Audit Committee (MECAC) received a stern lecture, spanking and overall smack upside the head last Friday. The title of the six page document was "Application For A Compliance Audit" but it was so much more. It was a condemnation of their two major, illegal decisions made regarding Councillor Hahn and mayor Shantz. Similar to sports it usually isn't worthwhile to criticize the refs after the fact. Occasionally a ref will make such an obvious boneheaded and wrong decision that it is obvious to the majority of fans that one team or player got robbed. That is what happened when MECAC refused to order a Compliance Audit for Mayor Shantz and when they also refused to send Councillor Scott Hahn on for prosecution to the courts. The difference of course is that there were fewer fans and they also are much less informed than sports fans who are students of the game.

I and several others have carefully studied the Municipal Elections Act over the last six months. This has included reading case law as well as on-line legal articles describing the duties and responsibilities of MECAC. This group of individuals have behaved very badly. Besides the six page document sent to MECAC through the Deputy Clerk, mentioned above, I also included both my Delegation to Woolwich Council from Septemebr 15/15 and a published article by the Ontario Bar Association. This is precisely why various politicians, bureaucrats and other assorted liars hate me. It isn't just my opinions it's my ability to research and include professional facts and positions along with my own analysis. This is how I have destroyed the credibility of the Ontario M.O.E., Chemtura and all their fellow travellors over the last twenty-five years.

My six page document is a compilation of the worst of the worst of mayor Shantz's errors and omissions. It highlights all the contradictions in her provided data and I believe it indicates a pattern of deception starting from her February 2/15
submitted Financial Statement. To date absolutely zero authorities have carefully examined any of her four different Financial Statements and that includes her personal auditor. I can only imagine his embarassment in now having had to do THREE audits of three different Financial Statements all from the same candidate, all for the same single election. If nothing else this alone should be a huge clarion call to all responsible for honest elections that anything less than a full scale forensic audit is essentially a joke and a rubberstamp.

Once and for all the citizens and electors of Woolwich Township deserve professional and honest experts looking at the mayor's FOUR Financial Statements. If after all is said and done the honest conclusion after a serious examination is that she simply isn't very bright, then so be it. But I and others will not accept that conclusion based solely upon the words and opinions of her biased and dishonest supporters.

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  1. The chemical companies are the career criminals, and unfortunately councils and their appointments to subvert responsibility change/blow like the wind because the processes are managed from the top down. The people that make the laws and have discretionary powers are the real demons that were are controlled by.