Friday, September 18, 2015


Well it's back down to Superior Court this morning . I will be submitting a new "Information", namely Form 105 to the Justice of the Peace. It is under Section 23 of the Provincial Offences Act and remarkably I'm feeling reasonably confident. Maybe the confidence is due more to having been down so many blind alleys that theoretically at least I must be getting closer to the right path.

In my opinion (& others) Councillor Hahn's Financial Statements were beyond ridiculous as were Sandy's. Hers at least on the face of them were better done to give at least the appearance of reality. Scott's just screamed "Audit me! Audit me"". Then it is the behaviour of both politicians to avoid the consequences. This is what has shocked me. From late in the day manufactured receipts and invoices for Scott to untrue statements under oath to Superior Court, last minute submissions to MECAC and even Sandy's lawyer attempting to blackmail me to keep me away from court; the pair of them went nuts.

Was this done out of habit as in automatically covering up everyday wrongdoing or do either or both of them have campaign expense secrets serious enough to risk legal consequences? It is my and every elector's right to find out the truth.

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