Saturday, September 26, 2015


Well once accomplished it was almost anticlimactic. Five Fridays in a row including picking up the initial wrong forms and yesterday I heard the magic words from Justice Marquette. He read all ten charges (under the Municipal Elections Act) into the audio record, confirmed my identity and asked me a couple of questions both regarding my honest belief in Sandy Shantz's contraventions and in a general way why I so believed that. Once that was accomplished he stated formally that he had accepted my "Information" and that he would "issue process" including Summons etc..

While I am very pleased with the outcome I think I've made it quite clear here that Superior Court are incredibly user unfriendly. Imagine if you will if English is not your native tongue, you have a learning disabilty, hearing issues, age or other mental or physical disabilities.

Now for the second part of the double whammy. Yesterday afternoon at 2:10 pm. I submitted my second Application for a Compliance Audit to the Clerk (actually Deputy-Clerk) of Woolwich Township. This was done based upon the latest in a string of Financial Statements issued by Mayor Shantz. One was submitted by the March 27/15 deadline and the other three including mini audits were all months after the fact. Her last two submitted to the Clerk on August 20 were both dated August 6/15. My understanding was that I had to wait until her actual Supplementary Financial Statement deadline of September 25/15, 2 pm. before I could submit my new Application for a Compliance Audit.

The major purpose of this new Application is to finally receive a full forensic audit of Mayor Shantz's Financials. If MECAC (municipal election compliance audit committee) were either honest, competent or fulfilling their legislated duty this would have been done back on July 2, 2015. Instead Sandy "ambushed" me and allegedly MECAC with 30 pages of documents ten minutes prior to the meeting. Without adequately reading, studying or discussing them MECAC denied my initial request for a Compliance Audit claiming among other things that her late five minute wonder of an audit was satisfactory. It is my hope that a real forensic audit similar to what Councillor Scott Hahn received will both clear up many unanswered questions as well as provide even stronger evidence that can be used at Mayor Shantz's trial for her admitted contraventions of the Elections Act (MEA) as well as those she has not admitted to.

If Mayor Shantz had approached her multiple contraventions and failures of the Elections Act honestly and forthrightly I would be less motivated to have continued what has been an obviously biased, manipulative and politically interfered with process. Her initial denials of all errors were false as were her subsequent constantly dollar increasing amended/revised Financial Statements. Her behaviour including editorial comments on the Woolwich website on her cover page of her last two Financal Statements are self-serving slams of citizens doing their duty. Her "ambush" of myself and allegedly MECAC on July 2 combined with having members of MECAC with obvious conflicts of interest favourable to her was reprehensible. MECAC have twice proven their allegiance is not to the truth or the MEA but to local politicians . Then we have her behaviour and actually admitted to "untrue" sworn statement she filed at Superior Court. Funny how we've heard nothing about that since, isn't it? Then there was her lawyer actually threatening me by e-mail to release allegedly damaging information about me if I attended her Superior Court date.

To this day Sandy denies all wrongdoing. She claims honest errors and oversights. This from a person with 31 years of bookeeping experience as well as three elections under her belt before last fall's municipal election. She is either dumber than even I give her credit for or she is a liar or both. Based on her written and verbal comments this spring about CPAC in which she made outrageous and false allegations regarding their character and behaviour I know the answer.

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