Monday, September 28, 2015


I know, I know I've told that joke on their name at least a half a dozen times so far but in my line of work I truly believe that longevity is based upon finding humour wherever you can. Afterall when you are dealing with a few dedicated individuals along with packs of lying, scheming, self centred politicians, bureaucrats and polluters; it's far too easy to become depressed.

So while absolutely not an apology let me say this: RAC (politicians & bureaucrats) are Really Awful whereas at TAG last Thursday evening, one could hardly see the horns or hear the cackles of glee. In fact except for two TAG members blatantly lying about their conflicts of interest as they are allegedly representing citizens and the public interest; overall it went well. Most of them said nothing while the Chairman Dick Jackson ran the show. I have not decided yet as to whether or not to pass on to him the letters I sent Mayor Shantz and the rest of Council this past spring calling out Pat McLean and Susan Bryant for their monetary and other conflicts of interest. Receiving employment and or expense paid trips around the continent directly related to your Chemtura relationship is beyond obvious unless of course you are friends with the Mayor and or other councillors apparently.

Mr. Jackson referenced CPAC positively regarding the current M.O.E./Chemtura plans for investigating the south and east sides of their property. He also advised that Pat & Susan would be along with himself on RAC representing TAG for the first year only. Then he will be alternating TAG members for the rest of the four year term.

Two letters of interest were handed out, one from Milli New of the M.O.E. and one from Susan Bryant allegedly representing whatever may be left of a once truly representative group of Woolwich citizens. Milli did actually in writing refer to the Stroh Drain (my term) although she referred to it as the Stroh drainage ditch which is close enough. Susan referenced the two MTE reports (done on behalf of CPAC) and the disaster on the south-east side. She is in agreement that Chemtura/CRA's initial response and proposed investigation was inadequate.

Interestingly but other than Mr. Jackson no one seems particularily inclined to give any credit to CPAC. Gosh I wonder what further lies Sandy and Mark have been spreading amongst that new group? Be that as it is yours truly discovered the Stroh Drain alone (May 2014) despite its' presence being kept a secret for approximately thirty years by all the guilty parties. CPAC understood its' significance and commissioned two professional studies by MTE Consultants.

RAC meets for the first time this Wednesday at 4 pm. in Council Chambers. I expect I'll attend just to renew old acquaintances with alleged "stakeholders" who only came out of the woods when Sandy recruited them last April for the purpose of undermining the best public consultation (CPAC) this Township had ever seen. The hypocrisy of Sandy and Woolwich Council along with Chemtura and the M.O.E. is absolutely limitless.


  1. What did the final CPAC report say about the Stroh drain?

  2. Hi Jeff : Good to see you coming back a little more regularily again. The second CPAC report (aka MBN Env.) had very high Method Detection Limits due to background interference, thus producing Non-Detects. The other problem is that the most likely areas of sediment deposition are on the Stroh property, where we did not have permission to test. The Martin's gave us the O.K. and we tested what we could.

  3. why on earth was Stroh property not tested?

  4. Because we as private citizens did not have Mr. Stroh's permission to do so. Meanwhile the M.O.E. who have the authority to order testing on private property have so delayed doing for years.