Saturday, September 5, 2015


Yesterday's Woolwich Observer have followed up last week's incredible condemnation of Mayor, Council and Chemtura
with what could have been a puff piece about the qualifications and experience of the recently hired Chairman of the new TAG. Tag of course stands for Technical Advisory Group although I still prefer my pet name for them and the real controlling body RAC. Regardless the article titled "Bringing an experienced eye to Elmira's water woes" is actually quite well balanced. While speaking well of Chairman Richard Jackson the article doesn't mince words about the real intent and motive of the players controlling the strings. I certainly hope that Mr. Jackson figures that out quickly and understands that he has two members with him on TAG with absolutely incredible conflicts of interest. Above and beyond the ongoing paid trips around the continent for one is the employment of the other by both Conestoga Rovers and by the region of waterloo. Then start adding in personal honours and awards bestowed by the GRCA and the Region onto her and you begin to realize that she owes them way too much.

The motive and intent of Chemtura, M.O.E., Region, Woolwich Council and the GRCA goes way, way beyond highly suspect. Those groups are filled with professional bullshit artists whose primary duties are to misinform, obfuscate and pour oil on troubled waters. Those troubled waters are caused by the truth having been spoken to power and authority by the last CPAC and will continue as CPAC have changed their name from the Chemtura Public Advisory Committee to the Citizens Public Advisory Committee. Quoting the Observer article "But relations between CPAC and the MOE as well as Chemtura soured considerably in recent years as the public oversight group doggedly called out their counterparts for being behind on its 2028 cleanup target...". Also I loved the accurate and direct following statement describing RAC & TAG namely "The goal is to make more amicable the relationship beween the chemical producer and the government body that's supposed to monitor Chemtura's pollutants." So now I better understand that the cause of the second World war was Britain, France and Canada's inabilty to secure a more amicable relationship with Adolph Hitler. This is a valid comparison as dealing with self centred, arrogant, lying and unaccountable dictators can no more be done via amicable relationships than dealing with self centred, arrogant, lying and unaccountable corporations.

Mr. Jackson whoever is paying you will call the tune. If it's Woolwich Township you are in for a disappointment. If it's Chemtura they will turn on you the moment they think you are for real. If you simply are getting paid approximately $1,000 per meeting and laughing all the way to the bank then I have no sympathy for you. RAC's membership are all part of the Status Quo, hold your nose and do nothing club. TAG has a couple of good ones on it and a couple of proven stinkers that an honest Woolwich Council and Mayor should barely have put on their dog crap, parks cleanup committee.

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