Saturday, September 12, 2015


I actually took written notes yesterday regarding all the advice and direction I was given by Superior Court Staff as well as by the J.P. (Justice of the Peace). I was there by 8:40 am. and first off they refused to accept my three page document titled "Commencing a Proceeding for a Private Information Under the Criminal Code". This was the same Information as last week minus the background documents such as Sandy's four Financial Statements and more. They actually returned those plus gave me a scribbled handwritten "endorsement" by the J.P.. I couldn't read it because it was substantially poorer than my own lousy handwriting. Court Staff attempted to read it and their interpretation was that I was in the wrong courthouse. 77 Queen St. was mutterred once to me but not repeated.

The "solution" offerred was that I could come back next Friday to receive the J.P.'s eight lines in typed format. I departed but instead of heading home took a walk over to the Provincial Courthouse on Frederick St. It was closed! I then went to an old house beside the former century old plus jail namely 77 Queen St.. The initial staff were unhelpful but someone finally made some calls and straightened things out. Turns out that Superior Court was indeed the place to be afterall despite whatever the handwritten "endorsement" did or didn't say.

I was back at Superior Court by 9:45 am. and armed with a note given me at 77 Queen St. again filed my three page Application. And waited. And waited. At 11 am. after I enquired I was told that the J.P.s name was Ms. Radulovic and that she was again studying and working on my Application. I had already decided that I was not waiting for four hours as I did a week ago hence at noon I was planning on departing. At 12:03 pm. I was advised by one of the clerk's that I would receive my information from the J.P. within ten to fifteen minutes. I asked exactly what did that mean that I would receive my information? The clerk did not know. Again by 12:20 pm. and nothing happening I decided to leave at 12:30 pm. Lo and behold at 12:28 I was called into the J.P.s office. Eight hours of waiting over two Fridays and I actually get to speak to a J.P! Don't forget that this also includes picking up the forms three weeks earlier and having them all filled out ahead of time.

How many members of the workforce could afford to spend eight hours during business hours waiting? How many parents with children in their care would or could sit there with their kids for eight hours? How many seniors with health problems physically could stay for that long? This is a goddamn disgrace and shame on the judicial system and the hundreds of millions of dollars of our tax money they waste every year and then give the public that kind of service. It gets worse!

Before I continue angry let me say this. Call me a softie, call me a wimp, call me naive but I think that the very elusive J.P. actually was sincere and helpful, finally. Maybe I'd just been softened up to the point of submission??? Regardless in her spoken english which was on a par with her written english she calmly, quietly and politely did her best to explain things to me. She had also typed out her "endorsement" of the previous week. It turns out that it didn't say that I was in the wrong courthouse, it said that I had submitted the wrong forms. Honest to God!!! These were the forms I'd received from Superior court Staff three weeks earlier and submitted to them at 8:50 am. on Friday September 4, 2015 and then sat waiting for four hours without seeing the J.P.. Then I resubmitted those very same forms twice yesterday (Sept. 11) at 8:40 am. and at 9:45 am. and then sat waiting until 12:28 pm.. Gosh I must really be dumb to have submitted the wrong forms staff gave me, and then sat waiting for a total of eight hours. This folks is why those assholes have such stringent security in place at the courthouse. Intentionally corrupt or simply grotesquely incompetent they would be crucified by appropriately outraged citizens but for the security glass and armed police and special constables.

So what is the final outcome? Damned if I know and I was there! It's clear as mud! The J.P. gave me a new form called Form 105. Gosh I feel so special! She also gave me copies of case law as well as of the Election Finances Act 1990. Verbally I believe she told me that some of the Municipal Elections Act could be enforced by the courts if I filled out Form 105. I mean it would seem entirely stupid and in line with all the other bad information I've received if filling out Form 105 was a waste of time but who's to know? The trouble is I'm reading some of the extensive information she gave me and there is case law suggesting that the Municipal Elections Act 1996 has overeached itself in allowing citizens the right to take politicians to court for contravening the Act. WTF!

Here I am back to my final comment on last Thursday's posting. We have the best judicial system in the world that money can buy. Make no mistake there is intentional bias if not malice towards unrepresented citizens, defendants, litigants. It seems as if the whole system are offended by citizens exercising their legal rights and those include not having to spend money, they may or may not have, twice, in order to exercise those legal rights. We are paying taxes through the nose for our legal system once but then again require lawyers to so much as pick up forms? Really! Is this why our politicians are so willing to lie and cheat because they know only the wealthy can afford to hold them accountable? This is not democracy people.

At the moment I am again working for free for the public interest. Woolwich Council have expressed their high class appreciation for that recently by walking out of Council during a polite Delegation by myself. I am a Delegate again this Tuesday at 6 pm.. Let's see how they defend the indefensible again. Meanwhile I am intending to be at Superior Court again next Friday to see this thing through. If the Municipal Election Act (MEA)1996 is nothing but a straw tiger versus a method to enforce election campaign expense laws then we all need to know it. By the way Form 105 actually is in regards to the Provincial Offenses Act not the MEA 1996. Weird.

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