Thursday, May 7, 2015


Today's Elmira Independent carrys the following article by Gail Martin titled "CPAC, Councillors share concerns about committee impasse". If the destruction of public consultation here in Elmira is a done deal as seems likely, then it is best epitomized by the neverending absence of Councillor Murray Martin. Not a single attendance at a CPAC meeting, to the best of my knowledge, over the last twenty-five years. All the other Councillors showed up for the October and April CPAC meetings except Murray. Three of them showed up for the November meeting not Murray. Mayor Shantz showed up in January, no Murray. That said guess how Murray will vote regarding the Mayor's CPAC reforms which I'm sure she will present as improvements, greater cooperation ie. thicker & deeper. You got it, Murray will vote as he's always voted and that will be to Chemtura's and the Mayor's great joy. Well Murray at least I can't call you a hypocrite.

The biggest disinformation (bullshit) from Mayor Shantz occurred when she said "I'm having flashbacks to four years ago, a little bit, with the previous CPAC, and everything coming to a head and stepping aside.". Nothing came to a head four years ago. The "stepping aside" is weird as the only vague truth to that would be the old CPAC (Pat, Susan, Sandra, Ron, Gerry, Ken etc.) withdrawing their Applications in perhaps February after they figured out the obvious that none of them were getting reappointed. Interestingly I had suggested to Mayor Cowan that at least a couple of them such as Gerry H.and Ken D. could make good CPAC members. Hell I even suggested Sandra B. but thankfully Todd said no. Mayor Shantz's comments here about the old CPAC are bizarre and nonsensical.

Mayor Shantz then further babbles about "I know that Chemtura and MOE have at times, in the history (of CPAC) stepped aside and there's been all kind of talk like this.". What is this nonsense? Did Sandy mean there's been all kinds of talk ABOUT this? Did she mean that Chemtura and the MOE threatened to do this ie. "talk like this"? As far as those two groups "at times" steppping aside that is more disinformation. Chemtura alone did it in 1999. Mayor Sandy Shantz your ignorance is just plain appalling. Get your facts straight at least before you pull the plug on the best CPAC there has ever been. Neither Chemtura nor the MOE have ever threatened to boycott or walk away. Both times for Chemtura they've just done it without a word to CPAC. Same with the M.O.E. this past November.

Mayor Shantz admits to meeting privately with the M.O.E. and Chemtura after a grand total of one CPAC meeting in November (2014) was missed. She and Councillor Mark Bauman admitted this prior to the January 2015 CPAC meeting. Now at the end of April she and three other Councillors showed up at CPAC's express invitation. None of them were prepared to speak and indeed expressed their reluctance to do so right at the start. This obviously was not the meeting between CPAC and the Council that CPAC had been promised both verbally and in the April 9/15 "meeting minutes". How strange.

Mayor Sandy Shantz also takes bullshit to dizzing heights when she states "...what is wrong with this whole process that we have to keep doing this over and over again?". Doing what "over and over again?". This is the first time ever a Council has sat down and solicited dirt and filth and lies about their own appointed committee of Council. This is the first time ever a Council have indulged in a smear campaign against CPAC. The MOE and Chemtura have been doing it for the last four years only. Guess why? Because this CPAC are the most savy, honest and smart. CPAC and the truth have intimidated the professional liars and they've waited for a new Council filled with old reliable, pro Chemtura, pro status quo, pro MOE/provincial government Councillors to pull their bacon out of the fire.

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