Thursday, May 21, 2015


Today's Waterloo Region Record carrys this front page story written by Paige Desmond titled "Woolwich councillor expected to be removed from office". Paige has indicated that Councilor Mark Bauman's failure to file his expense report "is a direct contravention of the Elections Act". To the credit of both Mark and Township Clerk Val Hummel they have both clearly indicated their respective errors in contravening this provincial legislation. Paige Desmond enunciates that the Municipal Elections Act 1996, states that all candidates "must file election expense reports, regardless of whether they are acclaimed, withdraw or otherwise." Further "The Elections Act says any candidate who does not file a financial statement by the deadline, in this case March 27, must forfeit office." Finally "It is the responsibility of the municipal clerk to enforce the forfeiture." To say that there is very little wriggle room in the legislation, in this particular case, is an understatement. Another issue which exacerbate Mark's problem is the fact that it is an admitted multiple offense. Mark has been acclaimed possibly two or three times previously and has also failed to file expense reports at that time.

Of interest to me is the rest of the article in which Paige mentions former Mayor Todd Cowan's legal problems, current Councillor Scott Hahn's upcoming Auditor's report on his election expenses and finally Chemtura Canada and the Ministry of the Environment. Reporter Paige Desmond may be drawing an inference between Mark's alleged failures to do his duty regarding supervision of the Chemtura "cleanup" and his impending removal from office due to the Elections Act.

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