Monday, May 11, 2015


To say that things did not go well either for Scott Hahn or Woolwich Council this morning is an understatement. Scott became aggressive and abusive and the irony could hardly be lost upon those assembled. Dr. Dan Holt was calm and cool and pointed out still remaining areas of concern with Scott's Election Expenses Report(s). Richard Clausi spoke to a number of disconcerting errors and omissions still remaining and seemed most concerned with the connection between Scott and the Tri-Mach Group Inc. which were front and centre in Scott's original purchasing of his signs.

Lisa MacDonald spoke in support of further investigation being required as the financial issues certainly were not as yet clear. Yours truly also spoke very briefly and while remaining nuetral as to Scott's errors, integrity and possible culpability nevertheless I made it very clear to the committee that to date there were way too many unanswered and unclear questions remaining, hence a professional auditor was absolutely required.

Interestingly while the Council were again present neither Mayor Shantz nor any other Councillors rose to speak on behalf of Scott today. Scott's venom was directed at Dr. Dan Holt the applicant who first raised the issue of Scott's admittedly inaccurate election expense report. Councillor Scott Hahn claimed that "Dan Holt was abusing his rights" by initiating the proceeding. Scott also claimed that Dr. Dan's motivation was only personal gain. Scott also described Dr. Dan's complaint as nothing more than a "malicious attack" upon himself. All in all not a worthy performance by Scott on so many levels.

The numerous invoices and receipts submitted by Scott late last week do not help his cause. They are riddled with inconsistencies which of course is precisely why an auditor is required. The Committee thought so as well as they unanimously voted in favour of a Motion to send this along for an Auditor's investigation. The media were present including the Woolwich Observer, Elmira Independent and the Waterloo Region Record.

On a personal note I found Scott a week ago to be professional, calm and cool. Not so today on so many levels. Scott's insistence that he is a man of honour, a decorated soldier and a person of integrity simply doesn't speak to the issues before him. The committee (MECAC) were very careful not to personally criticize him, unlike how he attacked Dr. Dan. They emphasized that their decision rested on the facts and documentation in front of them. I certainly hope Mayor Shantz is paying attention and perhaps should focus her attention closer to home: ie. her own Council. The only disrespect today came from her Councillor. The only personal attacks came from her Councillor. The only lack of leadership came from her Councillor. As is typical Dr. Dan and others, that Mayor Shantz and her cronies attacked dishonestly and privately on April 9/15, are speaking truthfully and respectfully.

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