Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Come on out ostensibly at 6 pm. for the possible fireworks. I say ostensibly 6 pm. because my Delegation is about the sixth one after several dealing with a proposed subdivision in St. Jacobs. Pity that the Councillor for St. Jacobs won't be there although knowing Mark I'm sure he would do his political thing and be very reassuring to the residents that their interests will be given due consideration.

My Delegation will focus on aspects of MECAC or the Municipal Elections Compliance Audit Committee. These aspects will be specific to their efforts past, present and future. The "possible fireworks" I mentioned in the first sentence are in regards to the ability or otherwise of Council to present themselves in a professional manner. It has been my experience that human beings in positions of authority are very long on process, procedure, decorum and appearances while doing their throat slitting behind the scenes. In a similar hypocritical fashion those who moan and wail about other people's "respectful manner" are all about that ie. other people's behaviour not their own.

Therefore this evening as per normal I will approach this Delegation as all others ie. calmly and quietly with a few pearls of wisdom for Council and the public. How Council react and behave is all on Council. Currently they have two members if not missing in action, certainly in a state of limbo. I expect there will be some clarification regarding that state of limbo in the coming weeks.

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