Saturday, May 9, 2015


Indeed it has come to this. Perhaps this harkens back to the days of initial suspicion between CEAC and APT Environment. Two former CEAC members Sandra Bray and Susan Rupert left CEAC in order to start up in conjunction with Esther Thur, a new group called APTE. That stands for Assuring Protection for Tomorrow's Environment. When I joined in the spring of 1990 I was advised that CEAC as a committee of Council was unable to release various documents or information to the public which upset Sandra B. and Susan R.. Murray Haight a local resident and a respected, published Biologist was the Chair of CEAC. It was a long time before I ever got any understanding or sense of Murray but eventually I came to the understanding that he was a sincere local resident with honest environmental concerns.

APTE has been a long dormant force simply because of member fatigue. This is absolutely normal and to be expected. Sustaining and maintaining a large group of people interested in a cause is nearly impossible. My hat is off to some national environmental and social justice groups who continue to manage doing just that.

Bob Burtt, the long retired environmental writer for the Waterloo Region Record, wrote a combination nasty little piece and good historical book regarding the Elmira crisis, Uniroyal/Chemtura and the Ontario Ministry of the Environment. Unfortunately he relied for much of his second hand information on Susan Bryant. This at least brought her out of the smear campaign shadows. Bob gives her due credit (discredit?) for her input which included gross falsehoods regarding both the current Chemtura Public Advisory Committee (CPAC) and myself.

Now as of the recently released April 9/15 Woolwich Township "meeting minutes" we once again see in writing the sour grapes fueled lying of Susan Bryant. She and Pat Mclean, former CPAC Chair, have never forgiven me and especially the 2011 appointed CPAC members simply for being appointed by Woolwich Council belatedy in the spring of 2011. These "meeting minutes" are nothing more than a hatchet job upon myself and upon the current CPAC. As disgusting as her words and lies are, once again it brings her and her sidekick out of the shadows. This hiding is symptomatic of her kind of backroom manipulation. Preferably let others do your dirty work at all times. Hide behind CPAC in 2007 & 2008 to get me off of CPAC. Hide behind Mayor Shantz now to replace CPAC with yourself, Pat and others more amenable to Chemtura's desires.

Besides the unattributed lying in the report we also have the following: "With a capable Chair with a plan and the public respectful in public meetings (while still having a voice), APT will consider the possibility of returning to public meetings.". This is APTE (Susan B.) publicly and dishonestly attacking the current CPAC Chair Dr. Dan Holt as well as attacking the public who have been far more respectful to Chemtura and the M.O.E. than either deserve. This is the full circle that Susan has taken APTE such that they are now firmly in bed with Chemtura and firmly against the public interest. Shame on Susan and my sympathies to the former APTE members who like myself didn't see this coming until it was too late.

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