Tuesday, May 5, 2015


O.K. so this Friday is actually the five year anniversary of informing truths and debunking myths and propaganda regarding politicians, polluters and other assorted riffraff. The focus has obviously been on all things environmental and five years ago that included gravel pit issues in West Montrose, Woolwich Bio-En, Chemtura, emerald ash borer, the Woolwich landfill off-site plume, Regional tap water and further gravel pit issues in Conestogo and Winterbourne. Sometimes included were postings related to climate change, air pollution, land development and wildlife.

In regards to Chemtura I've posted extensively on the alleged cleanup of the Elmira Aquifers, the Chemtura Public Advisory Committee (CPAC), Dense Non aqueous Phase Liquids (DNAPLS), Dioxins, DDT, Agent Orange and a host of other nasties. Ministry of Environment corruption, Chemtura hypocrisy and deception and the political situation which fosters and enhances both has been regularily covered. Suppressed documents, private meetings and co-opted citizens have all been explored in these "pages".

Readership according to my Statcounter program includes Chemtura usually five days per week, the Ministry of Environment according to their own statements, community colleges, multiple universities, Toronto Star, Globe & Mail, CBC, CTV, City of Waterloo, private individuals usually from Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridge, Woolwich Township and more. Routinely I have readers from Truro Nova Scotia, California and other U.S. states. Occasionally I even get visits from Russia and Europe.

All in all it's been a blast. Locally the Elmira Advocate is both famous and infamous depending upon the integrity of the commenter. Chemtura, M.O.E. and their friends unsurprisingly despise and loathe the Advocate. Certain politicians read it regularily and also either enjoy it or despise it. I receive phone calls from across Ontario from readers who either have information for me or simply want to thank me for my efforts. I thank all my readers, even the guilty ones. Keep on enjoying.

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  1. Happy Anniversary, the residents of Elmira are very lucky to have you fighting for them.. I hope they appreciate the hours/years of dedication you have put into this.. More residents need to get behind you and CPAC