Friday, May 8, 2015


Truly amazing how this senior citizen and his five year old Blog has terrified the professional liars out there. The above quote in the title is from a five page "meeting minutes" of a private, by invitation only bitch session on April 9/15 organized by Mayor Sandy Shantz. She has really turned out to be something special. Special as in what a piece of work.

This "bitch session" aka Sandy's teaparty aka "pretend stakeholders meeting" was arranged by Sandy for the purpose of dragging in other third parties and attempting to display a widely held view that CPAC has serious problems of their own making. The problem of course is that only one attendee out of seventeen, Dwight Este of Chemtura Canada, has attended CPAC meetings faithfully for the last four years. Next up would be Councillor Mark Bauman who has attended reasonably regularily for the last three years. Finally Susan Bryant and Pat McLean boycotted the first 1 1/2 - 2 years and then attended several but not remotely all remaining meetings on an alternating basis. Hence possibly they attended seven or eight meetings each out of the last fourty meetings. It is my opinion that five people out of the seventeen present did all the lying indicated in the "meeting minutes".

Page two item 3. of the meeting minutes is labelled "Roadblocks to Progress". A more honest title would be "Roadblocks to Political Progress". Under that more accurate second title I am listed as per today's above Blog Headline as the third last bullet over on page three. Clearly the various parties represented in this meeting including three levels of government (municipal, regional & provincial), GRCA and three members of the public were searching for a political way out of the mess that decades of Chemtura/M.O.E. obfuscation and deception have gotten them into. That said it is quite possible that one of the three members of the public simply got invited to Sandy's teaparty not knowing the true agenda.

It is meetings like this that indicate to me why private meetings regarding public matters are wrong. Private meetings are the location where exemplary professional liars thrive. They are their sandboxes where little girls and boys can indulge themselves in their favourite backroom gossip and lying about others behind their backs and avoid the scrutiny and accountability of both the public and the media.

Regarding "conduct in meetings" that would be my persistent habit of holding Chemtura/Ministry of Environment liars accountable. It's really very straightforward. They lie and I call them on it with the facts. Funny how this irritates the hell out of them. Funny how they don't produce specific examples of my "conduct". Funny how only the dishonest, deceptive folks with financial skin in the game are so incensed to have someone with 25 years first hand experience holding them accountable. Everybody else are either bought and paid for or reasonably new, hence they expect to be able to bafflegab them. Even that isn't working any longer with the current CPAC.

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