Monday, January 10, 2022


Today's Waterloo Region Record carries an excellent article by Leah Gerber on the front page titled "Disappearing brook trout an early warning signal for water supply". Leah quotes a number of local illuminaries including Art Timmerman (former MNRF), Jack Imhoff (former Trout Unlimited), Chris Bunt (biologist) and Eric Hodgins of the Region of Waterloo. All agree that our ground and surface water quality have become seriously degraded due to development, industrial and aggregate activity and road salt. This degradation includes increased sediment, increased temperature and increased chemical contaminants from industrial solvents to pharmeceuticals in our water. This is hardly a surprise to those of us who have long studied the state of ground and surface water especially here in Waterloo Region. This leads me to my title above. The Region have long promoted primarly groundwater sourced tapwater as being of the highest quality. It is not and could this be the start of the eventual push for a pipline to Lake Erie? While I have confidence in both the author Leah Gerber as well as all interviewed including having personally met Art Timmerman as well as Eric Hodgins over the decades; I suspect that Eric especially has been fighting an on going battle with the pro development, pro big business forces on regional council. Those dinosaurs will favour perpetual assistance and support for all economic activity no matter what consequences literally right up to the last day of humanity on earth as well as blocking and hindering anything they view as left wing, socialist etc. This will continue until or unless citizens smarten up and boot them out of office although they will likely be replaced by younger versions of themselves who will also receive support to get elected from the business community in the never ending quid pro quo game.

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  1. the real reason for their regulations on climate and environment and health and education etc is for selective enforcement AGAINST THEIR OPPONENTS, their competition and quite frankly any unprivileged that are in the way of their agenda's which all revolve around gaining control of everything and everyone...without paying due consideration or respect to the actual people that own it and have paid for it. I believe Leah Gerber is just another example of a social agenda propagandist- just like say most so called professionals like a lawyer or other worker who gets paid no matter the outcome of their actions or non-action. So if an agenda or a contract is not completely fulfilled they should get no paycheque or payment just like the regulations and the laws they have stuck the rest of with.