Wednesday, February 10, 2021


From 1996 -1999 I had first hand experience dealing with Superintendants, trustees and a Principal all of the Waterloo Region District School Board. The biggest liars, cowards, bullies and ethically challenged individuals are of course long gone and retired now. Talk about the "blue wall" protecting police officers; you have no idea what lengths those basta.ds went to to protect lazy, incompetent, and even criminally engaged teachers in those days. Lest anyone think that I am exaggerating, Ron Archer was about twenty years into his tenure as a teacher with the WRDSB at the time. I believe that it may have been him who initiated the "pass the trash" slogan/mantra for Principals and Superintendants trying to defuse ongoing parental complaints about problem teachers. Instead of correcting or disciplining bad behaviour the Board simply transferred the problem on to another school. As complaints rose there, they did it again and again. Mr. Archer was eventually convicted of criminal behaviour including threatening as well as sexual assault against minors. What was most reprehensible was evidence that so very many within the WRDSB knew about his both in school behaviours as well as outside school. Senior staff as well as some Principals knew that he was a pedophile and did everything to protect his and the Board's reputation while doing little or nothing to protect Grade 7 and 8 students from Ron Archer. If there is a hell those filth will burn there for eternity. ................................................................................................. Now we come to the present day. Certainly the WRDSB would like you to believe that they are all about Mom, apple pie and student achievement. Same with the teachers' unions. Trustees meanwhile have even less authority than they did twenty years ago. Trustees are still divided as they were then. There were some good ones in the 90s especially from Cambridge and there are still some good ones today, likely just not enough. Today's Waterloo Region Record has an Opinion piece by reporter Jeff Outhit, titled "Public school board releases 10 e-mails after four-year secrecy battle". Mr. Outhit advises us that "'s not the first time the education bureaucracy has let secrecy instincts prevail over common sense." Unh do you think? Mr. Outhit goes on to describe behaviours both from the WRDSB as well as from the Ministry of Education in Toronto that indicate that both bodies believe that they and they alone have the right to accept vast amounts of public money while not being accountable for their work allegedly on behalf of the public interest. How much has changed in the last twenty years? I do not know but I can tell you this: neither of my children had any problems in school before 1996 (Winterbourne Public School) and absolutely none afterwards including a Masters dgree for my son and a PhD. for my daughter all DESPITE the best efforts of the Waterloo Region Disctrict School Board. I was ecstatic when my youngest was finally out of the sphere of influence of the WRDSB. The WRDSB were beyond filth then, I only hope for current children and parents that they are much, much better now.


  1. The problem is that we have been corrupted/scammed into financing/funding these groups and individuals and the lawyers and policy makers are on their team and write the laws and regulations. If they had no funding from the people they would be benign. Unfortunately looking at current times and the future; IF the marxist/Fabian Socialists get total control of the people HELL ON EARTH will commence! The Covid Panic and the "Agenda 21" and "Agenda 2030" are all part of The "Great Reset" plan as the solution prepared by the top elite for us. Just research it, these wealth redistribution agenda's are already deeply embedded in our Woolwich and Waterloo Regional Policies and of course in Provincial and Federal as well. All politicians on all sides make noise about issues that really do not matter to them while the REAL AGENDA"S are NEVER publicly disclosed by political hacks because you know why!

  2. These corrupt people in leadership and the corrupt groups you talk about are experts in the Cloward and Piven war strategy and there is always a per-determined solution prepared for the people/taxpayers before any so called crisis. No matter how much lipstick one puts on a pig it's still a pig! This is not an opinion it is a fact! and yes it is evident locally and Provincially and Federally!