Saturday, February 27, 2021


These are the Region's Annual (Drinking Water ) Reports issued each Feb/March for the previous year. Therefore their most recent reports are for public drinking water in Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Woolwich, Wellesley, Wilmot and North Dumfries Townships. As recently as last Saturday I posted here about microplastics potentially being in our drinking water as well as other unpublished chemicals. My concerns are still in effect and include NDMA, toluene, lead, asbestos and a multitude of unpublished (untested?) other chemicals including pesticides and herbicides. Also to date there are far too many Method Detection Limits (MDL) which are in the parts per billion which is far too high in general. Keep in mind that drinking water criteria are wholly fantastical in that they refer to that one chemical alone in unadulterated, pristine water which we haven't had in well over a hundred years. Therefore allowing benzene, NDMA, toluene, lead, phenol all just below their individual drinking water standard in our tap water does not remotely protect us from sickness, chronic or acute. Simply put there are no standards ever been determined or set for multiple chemical contaminants simultaneously in water which is no longer unusual. Throw in a few inorganics or bacteris for good measure and it's a wonder our average lifespans aren't plummeting. Inorganics would include nitrites, nitrates, sodium, chlorides etc. These Annual Reports are on the Region of Waterloo's website under "Living". Just keep following the prompts dealing with Water, water treatment etc. and eventually click on "Annual Reports".

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