Tuesday, January 14, 2020


Clean Water Works (CWW) (1-866-6950155) out of Ottawa are working on Queen St. for the last week. They have been contracted by Woolwich Township allegedly to line aging sewer pipes thus reducing leaks. Indeed there was a Staff report to Council back on November 12, 2019 allegedly describing the planned work for Queen St. and many other older streets in Elmira.

CWW also do other underground services such as clearing blocked underground pipes. The problem with phoning or e-mailing Woolwich asking for details is that they tend to be highly defensive regarding existing lead and asbestos pipe still in service. Therefore sewer pipe work will more readily be confirmed than waterline pipe. The pipe lining process is known as CIPP or Cured In Place Piping.

At the same time I was advised a couple of months back about ongoing plans here in Elmira include some removal (lining?) of both lead and asbestos pipe slowly over the next several years. Again always putting face saving ahead of truthfulness, I'm doubtful that Woolwich would admit to actually doing the right thing so quickly especially as it was recommended by one of their critics. Who knows however. Perhaps there is a blockage. Perhaps they are lining sewer pipe and perhaps they are lining water pipe. It's likely good news regardless although fudging on keeping the public informed is a bad habit that they have acquired over the decades. The 1989 Elmira Water Crisis was a prime example.


  1. This "face saving" approach to doing business with the public proves that they are NOT working for the people at all, nor for the truth about any such matters. It is deceitful and despicable! Both staff and council are guilty of sincere bullshitting on so many fronts. Only time will tell if it is getting better or actually worst than ever.

  2. CWW have been working this week around the creek that goes under Arthur Street by Home Hardware and McDonalds.