Friday, January 17, 2020


Initially there will be a half hour presentation in regards to SSRA's i.e. site specific risk assessments. I expect that it will be mostly heavy duty bull wrapped in warm, comfy blankets and delivered by bought and paid for technical "experts" and self appointed professionals.

At the 6:30 pm TAG meeting there will be detailed discussion about the re-evaluation of Canagagigue Creek contaminants of potential concern including a MOE/MECP response to my October 30/19 e-mail sent to TAG on the subject. My recollection of the MOE/MECP response was that it really didn't say much at all about my October 30 e-mail.

There will also be a discussion around the revised conceptual site model (CSM) for the Canagagigue Creek.

Based upon past TAG comments and concerns I am hoping that they will seriously push back on Lanxess and the MECP's plans. My October 30/19 e-mail really laid out the basic nonsense, failures and shabby science behind the guilty parties plans for the Creek. It's all about minimizing, scoping and pretending that less cleanup and cost will be adequate for the creek. It will not.

Of course the entire exercise continues to isolate and muzzle the public, myself, and other CPAC members from either asking questions, making comments or seriously participating in the process. It has been an intentional process of discrimination and elimination of informed, sincere, and dedicated citizens from the so called public consultation process. Perhaps muzzles will need to be worn at future meetings to press that point home.

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