Thursday, January 9, 2020


Today's Waterloo Region Record carries the following story titled "Righting wrongful convictions". This is not just about the disgrace of injustice to our south (i.e. the U.S.), it is about Canada too. The article gives the background to a recent movie release titled "Just Mercy". This background includes consultation with Bryan Stevenson, the death row lawyer who inspired this Hollywood movie.

Mr. Stevenson has spent his life freeing wrongfully convicted people from American jails. He makes it very clear that the poor and disenfranchised are merely grist for the judicial mills that exist at least partially for their own benefit. Innocence Canada was formerly known as "The Association in Defence of the Wrongfully Convicted". A recent case involved Halifax's Glen Assoun who spent seventeen years in jail for a murder he did not commit.

Many U.S. cases are even more blatant and disgusting including trials where juries ignored testimony from multiple black witnesses that the accused (also black) had been attending a fish fry when the murder occurred.

This is not an easy article to read but needs to be done for citizens to fully understand how nightmarish and bizarre both our judicial system and our southern neighbours has become. There is no excuse for this descent of our well financed system into chaos and injustice.

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