Thursday, January 16, 2020


Well first off you have to understand that the Ontario Ministry of Environment do not tolerate failure. Therefore in consultation with the polluter they will lower the criteria required for "cleanup" if the polluter is unable to achieve the standards/criteria they have previously agreed to in a MOE/MECP Control Order or Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA). The current example is in regards to the off-site (i.e. off the Uniroyal/Lanxess property) pumping rates. Hence as Lanxess have been having fits in operating their pump and treat system at the pumping rates required they have lowered their Target pumping rates. Well W6A has been reduced from a pathetic .57 litres per second to a more pathetic .20 l/s. Well W6B has had its Target rate reduced from .69 l/s to .3 l/s. Hmm I wonder if I can advise the Waterloo Regional Police the next time I am stopped for driving at 105 km/hr on the Expressway that I would appreciate them increasing their speed limit to 105 km/hr in order to accomodate my failure to comply.

Further pumping failures include pumping well W9. It has been a disaster from the get go a few years back. Instead of using their already proven treatment technology and treatment trains they decided to go with a brand new system referred to as the Trojan system. Talk about a failure! W9 is located on the west side of Union St. just behind the former Elmira Shirt Factory (Park St.) and other names. It is remarkably close to former municipal landfill M-1 which may or may not contain wastes from earlier days textile industries and more in Elmira. That landfill does predate Uniroyal Chemical's dumping (legal?) in all the rest of our local landfills including Bolender Park Landfill, First St. Landfill, Woolwich Landfill (just north of town) etc..

The good news this month is that on-site pumping wells PW4 & PW5 have been restored and are achieving their mandated total of 4.7 litres per second. Of course lest we forget we (CPAC & public) were advised publicly by Jeff Merriman of Chemtura that those on-site wells would be pumping 6.0 litres per second. So much for promises even public ones. You can understand why I don't believe in private meetings with non-credible polluters because if they are willing to break public promises then exactly what use are private promises?

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