Thursday, January 2, 2020


That's right today is my 3,202 post on my Elmira Advocate blog ( The ten year anniversary is coming up in early May of this new year (2020). The vast majority of my posts I am very proud of as they've been written from the perspective of thirty plus years experience in the environmental trenches and even more (40-50 years) in the labour, political trenches. By the labour, political trenches I mean from the outside looking in. In other words on the receiving end of what passes for legislation in the public interest and what passes for decency, fairness and honesty in the non-union labour field which is of course the majority of labour in this country. In hindsight I am also certain that there have been a few posts in which I let my passions and sense of outrage get the better of me. If I knew which ones and what dates I would revisit them to see if I could get the same message across while using more diplomatic language. Ahh perfection eludes us all.

I also have the Waterloo Region Advocate blog which historically has focused less on environmental matters and more on judicial, political and police matters. That changed somewhat with my posting of my book "Elmira Water Woes: The Triumph of Corruption, Deceit and Citizen Betrayal" in the Waterloo Region Advocate ( between September 15, 2019 and October 12. 2029. As an aside my book is also posted on the Cambridge Advocate website (

Therefore since mid October 2019 I have not been posting further on the Waterloo Region Advocate regarding labour, courts, police, political matters. Instead when such an item comes to my attention I post it here on the Elmira Advocate.

Again Happy New Year readers and citizens of Elmira/Woolwich.


  1. Happy New Year Alan, keep on keeping on

  2. Thank you and to you as well a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.