Monday, January 13, 2020


Under "other incidents" I would include the unexplained, clearly to the public, as to what caused the at work death of a long time employee a few years ago. I sincerely hope that the spouse and family of the deceased have been given the truth on the matter. It was an awful situation whereby the employee working the night shift on his own did not return home on I believe the Saturday morning. His wife drove over to the plant and found her husband dead in the middle of the floor. At one point we the public were given the possible explanation of a lightening strike but frankly that sounds to me like an excuse on the initial level of Iran suggesting that a fire broke out on the Ukrainian jet causing it to crash.

In the above title I use the word "seriously". That is because our authorities are experts at pretend "investigations". Nothing about the negligence and incompetence exhibited by staff, councillors, and consultants involved with the Bolender Park Landfill "investigations" has ever made much sense. Very little about the recent (last three years) behaviour by those parties has given much credibility to the methane gas situation and the so called responsible parties.

Approximately thirty-five years ago explosive methane levels were found on the Martin Pet Foods (now Elmira Pet Products) property in probes installed by the consultants to the Township. Those probes allegedly are long gone today. Whether "lost", damaged, vandalized, stolen I do not know but they have not been tested/monitored since. Nor have they been replaced which is just ridiculous. Is this a case of plausible deniability? Is this a case of we are making money from this factory and gosh darn it you are not going to shut us down just because of a little bit of explosive methane gas?

Keep clearly in mind that Woolwich Township staff and consultants have claimed that the methane gas collection system installed on the former Paleshi Motors property in 1984 was successfully pumping methane gas out of the ground until about 2015 before it was removed. That is an absolute croc of crap and the series of reports from Conestoga Rovers make that very clear. So are we to hope that all that garbage generated methane gas has dissipated into the atmosphere all on its own without incident? Clearly the Township know better as they are trying to rebuild a new methane collection system on the now 86 Auto Recycling property. They have been unsuccessful due to their taxpayer funded hard nosed behaviour towards the owners. Woolwich Township have been playing with the lives and health of local residents and park users in and around the former landfill for far too long. Has leaking methane been the cause of any of the fires or other incidents at Elmira Pet Foods over the decades? If not then more than the Township's tarnished word or any of their bought and paid for friends is required.

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