Tuesday, May 14, 2019


This map comes courtesy of TAG member Joe Kelly. Joe has proven himself capable of independent thought AND willing to do the work necessary to inform himself about the Uniroyal/Lanxess situation, the Creek situation and lastly the Elmira Aquifer cleanup. Joe gave me a "General Plan of Elmira Prepared by the Town Planning Commission". Joe advises me that this map is from approximately 1930 and that it is in the Township offices somewhere.

Well firstly Elmira was tiny in 1930! My goodness. The Canadian Pacific R.R. was still active at the north end of town along with a train station not too far from the current Woolwich Observer newspaper. The Canagagigue Creek has visibly moved or been relocated both through the current Bolender Park as well as at the south end of the current Lanxess (formerly Uniroyal). Other differences would be proposed road extensions both at the south end of Snyder St. over to Arthur St. south (Hwy # 85), Union St. north and from Arthur St. north past the town limits in a south-east direction where it hooked into Church St. (now Hwy # 86 to Guelph).

Joe is correct in that the map he's provided clearly shows the area immediately south of the railroad tracks from Arthur St. in the west to George St. in the east being zoned industrial. The southward limit of this industrial zoning is at High St. which matches with the current situation. South of that zoning the lands on both sides of the Canagagigue Creek are zoned Parks and Playgrounds. Therefore the intent of the map in 1930 is very clear.

There are however other differences with today's reality. There are three schools clearly marked in this map and one of them is not a match for the current situation. Riverside school appears to be in its' original school zoned location. Elmira District Secondary School is very close to its' original zoned location however John Mahood School is not. It was zoned in this 1930 map to be on the east side of Arthur St. versus it's current location on the west side.

Now I am not saying that this map is absolutely wrong about the current location of the Bolender Park Landfill. What I am saying is this map was drawn around 1930 and the Landfill was constructed starting in 1962 during a time of pressure to replace the former M2 on the Uniroyal property which was the subject of numerous ongoing odour complaints about burning garbage. I thank Joe for his input and contribution and suggest that our authorities really need to determine accurately where their various leaking and discharging, multiple municipal and industrial landfills within Elmira are located.

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