Thursday, May 9, 2019


How could they not be? A couple of private citizens make private deals and agreements with the polluter and their corrupted regulator outside of the formal public consultation process. They then attempt to sell their intrinsically flawed understanding of the facts to a bunch of citizens with even less understanding of what's going on. The one or two on the committee with technical knowledge are often absent plus they are working eight to ten hours a day for their employer for good wages and can only take off so much family or personal time for this Elmira project.

There is a CSM for the Elmira sub-surface (aquifers, aquitards etc.) as well as one for the Canagagigue Creek. Dr. Thompson did a pretty good job of learning and incorporating various facts into his CSM for all of Elmira although certainly the guiltiest parties (MOE & Uniroyal/Lanxess) were not totally straight with him. How could they be? That would entail admitting to large scale deception of the facts surrounding the Elmira Water Crisis including the other sources in town. Dr. Richard Jackson certainly hammered home the point that Conestoga Rovers (CRA) on behalf of Uniroyal/Crompton/Chemtura were remiss in much of their studies and investigations to determine proper cleanup and remediation. Stunning isn't it that other than myself and the last CPAC primarily, no other institutions or authorities allegedly picked up on the self-serving nature of CRA's omissions.

Regarding this latest Draft CSM for the Creek (the "Gig") what is missing? How about ALL the probable sources of contamination to the Creek. That would be an incredible start. Yes they have included the four municipal landfills in town. These are the Bolender Park Landfill, the First St. Landfill, M-2 on the Lanxess property, and M-1 which like the Bolender Landfill appears to have developed legs as its' exact position and location has changed over time.

What hasn't been included are a number of other local industries located along our various creeks in town whether the "Gig" or creeks which discharge into it. Let's see there is Walco ( former name escapes me at the moment) on Arthur St. beside the "Gig" and there is the Elmira Shirt and Overall Co on Park Ave. beside the aptly named Shirt Factory Creek. Other names for this location include Park Ave. Textiles perchance plus others. Interesting to me is that one of the locations of municipal landfill M-1 is immediately beside this factory on Park Ave. Then we have McKee Harvestor and Sanyo Canada both whose property is located on the banks of Landfill Creek. Borg Textiles also encompasses part of Landfill Creek at the back of its' property. Just to be more inclusive let's not forget the 45 gallon barrels that we've all seen along or in Larches Creek on the west side of town prior to its' discharge into the "Gig". You get the picture. There has never been anything close to a real investigation of all the contamination sources in and around Elmira. Way too embarrassing for both local township councils as well as for the Ontario MOE. Politics strikes again folks.

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