Wednesday, May 1, 2019


The good news queens (MOE) are telling the public that there is no evidence that there will be long-term or ongoing effects to to Mill Creek or Shades Mills reservoir from the 50,000 litre spill of jet fuel last January. These of course are the same folks who brought us the good news about Elmira drinking water being protected from Uniroyal Chemical, Northstar Aerospace and the Bishop St. community in Cambridge, Safety-Kleen and the shutdown of nearby drinking wells K70 and K71, oh and of course that Varnicolor Chemical also in Elmira had not spread its contamination to its neighbours (false) or to the municipal drinking water aquifers (false). You the readers decide how much credibility the MOE has.

Within the article in today's Waterloo Region Record titled "No long-term impact expected from Mill Creek fuel spill, ministry says", there are some inconsistencies. For example four months after the spill "...consultants working on the remediation project continue to observe and document sheen on the water, jet fuel odour and impacted wildlife." A paragraph later and the GRCA representative states that "To date there has not been any jet-fuel impact to wildlife." Strange. Also the MOE are advising that they do not expect an ongoing unacceptable risk to fish or the downstream fishery. Then several paragraphs later the article states that the MOE have started a fish study in Mill Creek. So are we to understand that the MOE commissioned the study already knowing what the results of it are going to be? That would be typical junk science in accordance with what we've had in Elmira, Ontario over the last three decades.

Maybe both the public and the natural environment have been spared the worst ravages of a 50,000 litre jet-fuel spill into a creek. Maybe the MOE and the GRCA have given this spill the Cadillac cleanup that they promise us with every environmental cleanup. Maybe Santa Claus and the Easter bunny are both real. Stranger things have happened, just not very often.


  1. Glad you referenced the article I had sent you yesterday and long before it was in the Record. And all was good till you last paragraph cheap shot. And one wonders why Judges despise you and Committee's avoid you. You do so well then spoil it. Arm chair critic from the comfort of your home and no idea what this work involved and under what conditions

    1. As usual I deleted your e-mail without reading it. The Record often put an article on-line one day and depending on which edition one receives it can come in the paper the next day as occurred with this article about Mill Creek. As far as "Judges" despising me you as usual don'y know what you are talking about. Concerning the conditions and work involved in a cleanup in fact I do have some first hand knowledge both having watched it and having been employed in the cleanup of the Strauss fuel depot beside the Canagagigue Creek in Elmira a number of years ago.What I despise are government paid employees such as you were who forget that the citizens pay their wages and are owed at least the truth from their employees. Professional liars like the Ministry of Environment always gilding the lily have long ago lost all credibility.