Wednesday, May 15, 2019


The Elmira Independent published both an Editorial and an article on June 7, 2012 that were very enlightening. The Editorial is titled "Chemtura should excavate pits" and the article is titled "Waste pits source of contention at CPAC". In the Editorial, Gail Martin suggests that the MOE came close to ordering Chemtura to remove the soil from GP-1 & 2 but did not as it was on Chemtura's propertty. Wow! There folks is your Ontario MOE, best friend to polluters, in a nutshell. The downstream fish, creek sediments and creek bank soils are full of dioxins and DDT but the MOE didn't order on-site cleanup because... well the source is onsite. WTF kind of perverted, Kafkaesque, catch 22 kind of reason and logic is that? Right, it's MOE (MECP) logic. Hence once again Chemtura negotiated excavating one pit and merely capping the other one.

Regarding the article in the Independent there was concern that 100 year floods or even lesser ones could erode the contaminated soils and send them downstream as if that hasn't been happening for decades. "Dan Holt. chairman of CPAC, asked Martindale (MOE) whether the MOE has any plans to test for dioxins and DDT south of Chemtura. Martindale said there are no current plans but he would suggest it as a future project. He plans on bringing it up with the new acting director for his division, once that person is appointed." And there it is again folks! The unconscionable delay by the MOE in order to protect Chemtura Canada. Since that time Steve Martindale has retired, CPAC was falsely accused and removed by the new 2014 Woolwich Council and new members brought in. Unsurprisingly now in 2019, seven years later, these soil tests requested by knowledgeable citizens have NOT been done. That is precisely how Uniroyal/Crompton/Chemtura and now Lanxess "adjust the science according to their needs". They simply don't do the onvious testing that would clearly show where remediation (off-site) is required. They are refusing to test both the Martin property as well as the area in and around the Stroh Drain, Ditch & Berm (SDDB).

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