Saturday, September 8, 2018


Or at least that is unless they get postponed as they did last year. What a great deal for Lanxess. Unlike Uniroyal, Crompton and Chemtura who mostly faced the public on a monthly basis; these buggers can bullshit, bafflegab and blow smoke and not have to face the music literally sometimes for six months. I'm referring here to the RAC (Remediation Advisory Committee) not the TAG (Technical Advisory Group) committee. While they don't meet as often as UPAC and CPAC did nevertheless they have been more regular than RAC by far. Thanks can go to Sandy Shantz for that freebie. Of course Lanxess and the MOE are not obliged to attend TAG meetings and thus rarely do.

TAG are scheduled to meet next on Thursday, September 20, 2018 at 6:30 pm. The Agenda usually comes out the Friday before the meeting. RAC are scheduled to meet a week later (Sept. 27) at 4 pm. That Agenda also comes out several days prior to the meeting. Possibly TAG at least will be discussing among other things the Interceptor Trench satellite photos along with the newest information, Affidavits etc. recently unearthed. Unearthed I might add not from the Township's archives but from mine. The Township have flatly refused access to those archives by CPAC members in the past. Information is power and they don't like to share.

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