Tuesday, September 25, 2018


Well they do! They've now set a record during July and August 2018 for the lowest volume of off-site pumping in years. 44.6 litres per second for the month of July combined with a whopping 44.2 litres per second for last month (August). For perspective realize that six years ago they promised to TRIPLE the volume of off-site pumping from approximately 53 litres per second to presumably 150 litres per second or so. A couple of years later and they had reduced their brag from TRIPLE to DOUBLE. Well generally since 2012 they've obtained regular pumping rates of approximately 60 litres per second which is approximately a 14% increase. Doubling the pumping from 53 to 106 would be a 100% increase and tripling to the magical, mystical 159 l/s would be a two hundred percent increase by my math.

Instead they've generally avergaed a 14% increase since 2012 with this summer being a major decrease of 18% from the 2012 averages. Not to worry though, Lanxess just like their predecessors have a whole litany of excuses. Fortunately for them both the Ontario Environmental Protection Act and the MOE themselves obviously must accept excuses as a defence because no charges have been laid. I mean really who are we to suggest that the environment is more important than the feelings of corporate polluters or that profits to shareholders should in any way be diminished by illegal or immoral behaviour?

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