Friday, September 14, 2018


They were sent out last evening. The Minutes are for the Thursday, July 5, 2018 meeting held in Council Chambers. As mentioned earlier here in the Advocate the next TAG meeting is this coming Thursday at 6:30 pm in Council Chambers.

The Agenda is quite brief although it does contain two Monthly Progress Reports namely for June and July of this year. There are also 2017 Annual Monitoring Report (AMR) Review comments. Depending on what depth TAG delve into this item it could be interesting as the MOE and their hydrogeologist, Mr. Quyom, did take exception to a number of items in GHD's AMR. I reported on Mr. Quyum's review a few weeks back here in the Advocate.

The Minutes of the July meeting appear to be spot on. Page 4 of the Minutes has an excellent Motion from TAG advising the MOECP that they TAG are not satisfied with the sampling to date in the "Gap" area of the Lanxess property next to the Stroh farm. Also the MOECC had acknowledged errors in their Audit Report of the 2017 Lanxess Canagagigue Creek Floodplain Soil Investigation. I had pointed thes out in a written submission to TAG and the TAG Minutes acknowledge that the MOE's revised and reissued
Audit Reort is in part to address my concerns.

Under Section 4 "Correspondence and Documents received since last TAG meeting" I have to assume that the only items listed are items up for discussion at this Thursday's meeting because there are several other Documents that have been received including my Interceptor Trench Affidavits as well as my satellite photos showing the man made works on the surface of the east side property.

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