Wednesday, September 26, 2018


RAC - Remediation Advisory Committee. Is the purpose of most committees to solve problems or simply to give the impression that somebody is doing something about the problem, whether they are or not? In the cases involving the public interest such as Uniroyal Chemical, did the MOE and Township form a committee (UPAC) with the express purpose of letting the community vent while behind the scenes assuring Uniroyal that votes, motions or resolutions from UPAC, at most, would receive lip service only?

Tomorrow's RAC meeting has a very brief Agenda. There are no Delegations and under Section 4. there are three Recommendations from TAG namely 4.1 "East-side Remediation and Investigation Follow-up"
4.2 "Offsite Groundwater Containment Update"
4.3 "Creek Investigation, CSM Development, Timelines and Next Steps"

There is also under 5. "Stakeholder Consultation-The TAG/RAC Process" That should be interesting and I expect mostly a self-congratulatory pat on the back attempting to legitimize the illegitimate.

Item 4.3 above refers to CSM. That stands for Conceptual Site Model and is an example of both too much discussion in private behind closed doors as well as what happens when meetings are held five months apart and Minutes don't come out in a timely fashion. I have not missed a single public meeting of either RAC or TAG yet here I am wondering what the hell a CSM for the Canagagigue Creek is. We did receive a CSM for the Elmira Aquifers a while back produced by Dr. Neil Thompson.That CSM essentially described the stratigraphy or subsurface aquifers and aquitards beneath Elmira as well as showing how contaminant migration from Uniroyal to the north and south wellfields occurred.

From that am I to assume that a CSM for the creek is going to describe the various soils , clays, stones , sediments etc. and then explain how contaminated sediments move downstream along with dissolved solvents in the surface water? At this late stage all citizens should know what is going on and if those attending all the public meetings don't, then clearly the public meetings are just for show. In other words MOE, RMOW, GRCA, Lanxess and GHD start sharing in the public meetings and not using them as camouflage for what's happening behind the scenes.

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