Wednesday, September 12, 2018


1) Interceptor Trench 2) Stroh Drain 3) The "Gap" 4) GP1 & 2

These four issues above have all been covered in these pages. They have all been presented publicly at either CPAC, RAC, TAG or in Woolwich Council. Yet after four years not a one of them have been so much as addressed by our authorities much less admitted to. This folks is evidence of a corrupt system, plain and simple. Within these groups listed above we have the Region of Waterloo, Woolwich Township, The Ministry of Environment and the Grand River Conservation Authority. Not one of them have phoned me or any other CPAC member and asked for more details or clarification.

1) The Interceptor Trench on Chemtura/Lanxess's east side appears to collect contaminated groundwater and divert it off-site to the neighbouring farm where it eventually discharges further downstream into the Canagagigue Creek (Gig).

2) The Stroh Drain is a below surface drain collecting both groundwater and surface water, clean and contaminated, and transports them downstream into the "Gig".

3) The "Gap" is the area where Chemtura's consultant GHD intentionally avoided taking soil samples in 2015 after we had clearly and publicly indicated our concerns and insights about this area as a pathway from Uniroyal/Chemtura to the Stroh farm and Drain.

4) GP1 & 2 appears to be a scam perpetrated by Chemtura and their consultants. Older maps show that GP1 has been relocated twice from it's original position which is extremely close to the "Gap" area just west of the Stroh farm and Drain.

The coverup of all things environmental by all parties in authority continues to this day. Shame on the pack of them.

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