Tuesday, September 11, 2018


Unfortunately that's what it took to remove the old guard from our municipal politics in October 2010. Todd Cowan could have been the long term saviour of all things political and environmental here in Elmira but he failed miserably. He was much too flawed himself.

On October 9, 2010 a Kari Rayner from Elmira had a Letter To The Editor in the Woolwich Observer. She stated that football players practising outdoors at Elmira District Secondary School suffered burning eyes and had a nasty taste in their mouths from airborne chemical emissions. I'm assuming that Ms. Rayner is a teacher as she states that they sent their students out to walk home at the end of the school day at about the same time as the leak of BLE-25 from Chemtura that wasn't reported to the Township or the emergency telephone system until 10 pm. that nite.

It was reported in both local newspapers that many other families including some near the opposite end of Elmira than Chemtura found the tarry deposits on their children's playground equipment. As has been previously stated, Chemtura did spend time and money cleaning up their mess.Their failure was in the initial release via rupture disc and then their failure to tell the Township and local citizens via the telephone warning system.

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