Wednesday, July 25, 2018


The Woolwich Township website carries details regarding the upcoming October municipal election. Somewhere in there they dishonestly state that the Township are nuetral and have no horse in the electoral race. That is typical bureaucratic bull manure. They, being senior staff for sure, and possibly even lower tiered staff, are stakeholders. They support the status quo big time. They support councillors who pinch pennies anywhere but in staff positions, wages and benefits.

They support councillors who aren't too bright. They support councillors who don't rock the boat. They support councillors whose attitude is get along to go along. They do not want rebels, activists or strongly, fiscally conscious councillors who understand that a huge component of Township expenses are wages and benefits and empire building. Therefore they support Sandy, Murray Martin, Julie-Anne and likely Larry Shantz. Patrick is too likely to support staff cutbacks if he gets any council support. Mark Bauman, Mr. Flip Flop, is gone thank goodness.

If for example I was ever on Council I would support the firing of both Dave Brenneman and Val Hummel. Both have made huge mistakes and been deceptive to the public, Mr. Brenneman far worse than Ms. Hummel. WE unfortunately have been stuck with very bad governanace for a long time. The one breathe of fresh air from 2010-2014 was destroyed by one individual on council with sticky fingers who got caught. Unfortunately it reflected on all of them despite the fact that it was his own Council who turned him in.

I'm very glad to see two names on the ballot for Ward Two (St. Jacobs). I wish someone was running against Sandy, Murray and Larry. After long and serious thought I decided that I would rather enjoy my retirement than attempt to change the biased minds of most of the self-serving idiots currently and after October 2018 on Council. Spending my money for the "opportunity" to soar with the entrenched "turkeys", just didn't excite me.

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