Tuesday, July 17, 2018


The November 25, 2009 edition of the Elmira Independent raises concerns about a number of monitoring wells that Chemtura wish to drop from regular monitoring. It is strictly a cost saving mechanism as there is little to no rationale behind their removal. CPAC has kept delaying commenting because Pat and Susan's buddy Wilf Ruland is out of the country and they aren't remotely capable of commenting themselves on the matter. Yours truly was quite capable of so doing based upon my ongoing reading of both monthly Progress Reports as well as of the Annual Monitoring Report. Unfortunately as I had been removed by corrupt Woolwich councillors from CPAC, as intended Chemtura, the MOE and CPAC refused to give me the list of wells in a timely manner. That is called public consultation in Woolwich Township.

At the March 29, 2010 CPAC meeting we were advised that DNAPL remediation would be yet again put on hold.I was quoted as telling CPAC members that as long as you are willing to sit and talk with Chemtura that is exactly what they will do. They do not talk, bargain or negotiate in good faith. They are masters of the delay and do nothing strategy because it saves them money.

The Elmira Independent published a story in their March 17, 2010 edition titled "Deep monitoring wells required on former Varnicolor property". Approximately nineteen years after the MOE laid a control order on Varnicolor demanding deep monitoring and a deep investigation; they are now ordering the current owners known as Three Eights Inc. to do so. This company is currently known as Elmira Pump Co. This follows my public statements in 2009 that there were other sources of contamination to the Elmira Aquifers. Time since then has only reinforced those claims although the MOE and other authorities refuse to advise the public regarding these other local polluters.

On April 24, 2010 Mike Hicknell of Elmira sent a Letter To The Editor (Woolwich Observer) asking why the town of Elmira historically gets all the problem sites. He referenced Uniroyal, Varnicolor, Nutrite, slot machines and finally the proposed new Bio-gas installation at the north end of town. He asked why Elmira residents don't tell these developers to get lost. He also asked whether "...smart business people know they can always get their way and do what they want in Elmira?"

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